Licence Types


Athletes over 12 years of age are required to have a racing licence when competing on national or international level. Athletes competing in club or district competitions only may use Ski Pass (Skipassi) instead. 12-year-olds and younger are required to have the Ski Pass instead of a racing licence, and they may use the Ski Pass also on national level.

Please note that changing the Ski Pass to a racing licence during the season is not possible. Should the athlete need a racing licence during the season, it must be purchased separately according to the list price.

The licence and competition season starts on 1st October and ends on 30th September. A licence is valid only after payment. The insurance included in the licence is valid from 1st October onwards only if the licence is paid on 30th Oct at latest (provided that the athlete has had a valid licence and insurance during the previous season). Should the licence be purchased later than 30th October, the insurance is valid from the pay date 12 p.m. onwards. In case you have a receipt showing the exact moment of paying the licence, the insurance is valid from that moment onwards. The insurance will expire on 30th September.

List prices for licences during the season 2016-2017


A-licence, ages 19-34 (born in 1983 - 1998) 117 €
B-licence, ages 13-18 (born in 1999 - 2004) 64 €
C-licence, ages 35 or older (born in 1982 or earlier) 97 €
Try Out -licence (valid 7 days), all ages, 31 €
Insurance fees (included in the overall price): A-licence 55 €, B-licence 17 €, C-licence 44 €, Try Out -licence 10 €.

Alpine skiing / Freestyle / Speed skiing / Telemark

A-licence, ages 19 or older (born in 1998 or earlier) 455 €
B1-licence, ages 17-18 (born in 1999 - 2000) 401 €
B2-licence, ages 13-16 (born in 2001 - 2004) 149 €
Try Out -licence (valid 7 days), all ages, 48 €
Insurance fees (included in the overall price): A-licence 390 €, B1-licence 340 €, B2-licence 90 €, Try Out -licence 30 €.

Ski Jumping / Nordic Combined

A-licence, ages 19 or older (born in 1998 or earlier) 311 €
B-licence, ages 13-18 (born in 1999 - 2004) 69 €
Try Out -licence (valid 7 days), all ages, 39 €
Insurance fees (included in the overall price): A-licence 260 €, B-licence 26 €, Try Out -licence 20 €.

Ski Pass (all disciplines)

Ski Pass for children under 18 years of age (born in 1999 - 2017):

20 € (insurance included)

Ski Pass for adults, age 19 years or older (born in 1996 or earlier):

30 € (insurance included)

The insurance included in the licences and the Ski Pass is offered by OP Vakuutus. Please find the Sports Cover informative labels below (at the end of this page). More information at OP website or OP customer service (in English), tel. +358 10 253 1333 (Mon-Fri from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.)

All athletes must have a valid insurance when participating in competitions. Should the athlete not purchase the insurance together with the licence, he/she must purchase a corresponding insurance by him/herself. The insurance must be valid during training and competitions, and during training or competition-related travelling in Finland and abroad. However, no written evidence of purchasing the insurance must be delivered to the Finnish Ski Association.  

Licences for people from other countries than Finland

Foreign nationals may purchase a racing licence and an included insurance if they belong to a Finnish ski club and have a place of residence (also during a student exchange) in Finland.

Foreign nationals competing without a licence must sign a liability release.

Purchasing a licence

All licences are purchased through the online purchasing system. All the given information is updated to the licence register in real time. See the instructions for purchasing a licence here.

Licence card & Sport-ID

You will receive your personal licence card by post within two weeks from purchasing. The card contains your personal licence number (Sport-ID, 8 numbers).

Fuel discount

By showing your licence card before payment, you are entitled to a fuel discount on all St1 service stations and on manned Shell stations. The discount is about 2.0 cents per litre, but may vary on different stations. Always ask St1 or Shell staff about additional discounts as well.

You can check the St1 and Shell stations on your route at

For more information on matters pertaining to licences, please contact:
Cross-country, Ski jumping and Nordic combined: Larissa Erola, larissa.erola(@), +358 40 744 7741
Alpine: Minna Karhu, minna.karhu(@), +358 440 211 024