FIS Code

A FIS code (sometimes called FIS Licence) is required in order to participate in the competitions marked on the FIS Calendar (in Finland and abroad). The FIS code acts only as a documentation of the athlete's registration to the international ranking list. Consequently, the FIS code is not an actual licence and does not include an insurance. Thus, the athlete must always have a national racing licence and an insurance in addition to the FIS code. The national racing licence and insurance are required even if the athlete competed in FIS competitions only.

Foreign nationals should consult their national ski associations for acquiring a FIS code.

The FIS-code is needed for receiving FIS points. In cross-country skiing, FIS points are mainly used for grouping and determining the order on the start lists. The FIS code is compulsory in general and 20-year-olds' categories in Finnish FIS competitions (including personal events of the Finnish national championships). If aiming at youth major competitions such as Junior World Ski Championships or Youth Olympic Winter Games, even athletes competing in the 18-year-olds' category should acquire a FIS code. In these competitions, FIS points determine both the right to participate in the competition and the position on the start lists.

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