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Niko Kytösaho's interview in Lahti on 30.1.16 as a new Finnish champion

Niko Kytösaho’s interview in Lahti on 30.1.16 as a new Finnish champion

Congratulations for winning the Finnish championship! Was this victory a surprise or did you expect something like this?

I didn’t expect to win but I thought that if everything goes well then podium is possible.

At which age did you start jumping and why?

I started when I was four. Father was coaching some jumpers and I was with him there and then I wanted to start jumping too.

Is your father Pasi or uncle Pekka your coach?

They both but uncle is more responsible for coaching.

You are now at the sports school. How do you manage to combine school, training and competitions?

Better than at the comprehensive school. Now there is less school and more flexibility for training and competition trips.

How is school going and which are your favourite subjects?

School is going fairly well. Most of all I like languages.

Last year you visited the sports school in Stams. What kind of impression did the place make? Why didn’t you go to study there after all?

Stams made a good impression and I would have liked to go to study there but language was the problem. I had learnt only two years German at school so I didn’t understand the lessons in German enough. I still dream of later going there but it’s difficult because of the language. Maybe, if I invest in learning German.

Have you had injuries or bad falls?

Nothing has ever happened when jumping but with hobbies, though.

What are your hobbies?

Now I don’t have any other hobbies besides ski jumping, there is no time for anything else but in the summer I practice parkour.

Tell something about yourself.

I train passionately and I’m ready to do really a lot of work for ski jumping. It’s always nice to train and I enjoy doing it. I’m very conscientious.

Have you already thought what to do after you finish school?

After that ski jumping will be the most important thing and I’ll invest in it 100 %.

Do you have idols?

Janne Ahonen.

Do you expect to get a chance to compete in the world cup this season for the first time?

My dream is to be in the team here at home in Lahti but otherwise the level at Continental cup is more realistic. You should be able to do well in the competitions in which you take part and in the world cup my level would be maybe among 30-60th place.

Which is your target this season and in general?

My main target is junior world championships in February and to succeed there. Otherwise I want, like probably every sportsman, gold at the Olympics. My aim is to be on top one day.

Why did you change from Lahden Hiihtoseura to Ounasvaaran Hiihtoseura?

It was the best solution together with the coach in order to be able to progress. Now we can train in total peace and are allowed to do things the way we want.

Which is your favourite hill?

The large hills in Ruka and Lahti.

Your longest jump?

150 meters in Ruka.

When you take part in Continental Cup competitions, what do you have to pay yourself?

I pay myself the flights and FIS pays the accommodation and food.

What do you say about your equipment?

I’m satisfied with the equipment, especially the suit. I can have my say how it will become. No, I don’t sew it myself. The skis are all the time better and I can have my say also about them. I get the skis (Sport 2000) free of charge, my sponsor provides for the suits.

Do you have many sponsors?

Some but I wouldn’t mind to have some more.

Nowadays newspapers don’t write very positively about Finnish ski jumping. How does this affect you?

I avoid reading newspapers and don’t care about those things. I know myself how things are and it’s always been possible to solve the problems.

And how does it affect you when you have been praised e.g. as the saviour of Finnish ski jumping? Do you feel pressure because of that?

I don’t feel any pressure about that. I just concentrate on my own stuff.

Text and photo: Tuija Hankkila