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16.11.2016← Takaisin

Finnish Ski Association and Infront Sports and Media announce long-term Media and Broadcast Rights Agreement extension

Under the terms of the Agreement, major Nordic ski events in Finland will continue to be broadcast on free television for the next 10 years.

The Finnish Ski Association and Infront Sports & Media have recently signed an extensive Media and Broadcasting Rights Agreement. The duration of the ten-year agreement until ski season 2025-2026, is remarkable. It will allow the Finnish Ski Association to set its sights on hosting international and national Nordic Ski competitions in the long-term.

The collaboration between the Finnish Ski Association and the international sports marketing specialists Infront first commenced in 2012 and is now scheduled to continue for a minimum of ten years. Under the terms of the agreement, the parties have agreed on the television and media distribution rights for FIS Nordic Ski World Cup events taking place in Finland a well as Finnish Championships and Cross-Country Finnish Cup events. The agreement secures that these events will continue to be broadcast live on free television channels throughout the agreement term.

The role of the Finnish Ski Association is to promote Nordic skiing both as a leisure and competitive sport. Following the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships 2017 in Lahti, the,FIS World Cup events are expected to play an enhanced role in Finnish skiing. This agreement will facilitate the hosting of national and international ski events in Finland on an annual basis, up to the year 2026. 

“The agreement we have concluded with Infront is extremely significant, both in financial and practical terms. It is the most important commercial collaboration agreement concluded by the Finnish Ski Association to date. It offers the Finnish ski community the opportunity to continue to enjoy world class skiing for many years to come, and makes it possible for Finnish athletes to compete in high profile Nordic ski events in their own country,” commented Jukka-Pekka Vuori, President of the Finnish Ski Association.

Bruno Marty, Infront’s Executive Director Winter Sports:
“Over the past few years we have managed to increase the visibility of the Nordic events in Finland which are true highlights of the FIS Nordic World Cup season. Our collective treatment of the FIS Alpine and Nordic World Cup series makes sense for both broadcasters and federations and we are delighted that the Finnish Ski Association has recognised this advantage and is continuing to put its trust in Infront.”