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Finnish Ski Jumping News

Ski jumper Janne Ahonen
designed logotype for Nordic Tournament

Janne Ahonen, 26, one of the leading ski jumpers in the world, is also a talented artist. Now his drawings may be admired outside Finland as well. Ahonen has drawn the new logotype for the Nordic Tournament, a ski jumping series for the Nordic countries, which will be organised in Finland (Lahti and Kupio) and Norway (Lillehammer and Oslo) next season.

Janne Ahonen has drawn all his life.
- I was very eager as a child, but now I only draw occasionally and when the need arises, says Janne Ahonen.

He has tried different techniques, and he has also painted in oils. Still, there are no paintings on the walls of his home - except for in the room of his son Mico.

In earlier years, Ahonen also drew pictures relating to ski jumping, e.g., for the guide of the Finnish junior jumpers. This year, he has made the logotype for the Finnish veteran jumpers. 

The work of Ahonen includes planning of decoration tapes for motorbikes. He has also made the decoration for his own bike, but it does not represent a ski jumper.
- You can't mix ski jumping with everything, he reflects.

Ahonen uses traditional drawing methods in his work. He has not utilised computer technology, except for the drawings of his own house.
- I finished the drawings of the house on the computer, after having first done them by hand, Ahonen tells.

Confident about the new season

Janne Ahonen, who won the "Vierschanzen Tournee" last season, is confident about the new season.
- Summer jumping is soon over and now we must wait for snow. My jumps have been good and I'm really looking forward to start the new season.

Nordic Tournament 2004

7 March 2004    Lahti FIN  K116

10 March 2004  Kuopio FIN  K120

12 March 2004  Lillehammer NOR  K120

14 March 2004  Oslo NOR  K115