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Falko Krismayr strengthens the coaching team of the Nordic Combined Team Finland

The Nordic Combined Team Finland has recruited a new Ski Jumping coach, Austrian Falko Krismayr, who will join the team immediately and participates to the training camp in Lahti on February 6th - 10th February.

The Finnish National Team in Nordic Combined has been the strongest on the cross country track for several times during the FIS World Cup. The fight for the good results in World Cup events has however collapsed to the ski jumping part. Changes in ski jumping technique have been sought closely, but the current coaching team has not found a solution to the challenges.

”Despite of Ilkka Herola, the rest of the team athletes have not been able to internalize my methods and thoughts in ski jumping. I hope that Falko can give additional metres on the hill and the guys are open to the new thoughts in coaching. It’s a great thing that Falko has the time to join us now”, says Ski Jumping coach Jarkko Saapunki, who’s agreement will end after the current season. 

Saapunki will continue as the personal coach for Ilkka Herola. He will also be responsible of the orientation of Krismayr to the team. 

Petter Kukkonen, The Head Coach of the Finnish National Team, was ready to make the change now, despite that season is midway. There was a need to react to the lack of success. The process of finding a solution for the challenges of the coaching were supported by the Finnish Ski Association and the National Olympic Committee. 

”We wanted to react to the situation now, though it's in the middle of the season. Waiting until the season end would not have been be a good option. We think that every single day is important for the athletes and as soon as we can turn the direction, the more likely our team will gain success during the next seasons. Jarkko has worked hard for our team but now something had to be done”, says Kukkonen, who adds, that the decision has been made in common understanding. 
Krismayr emphasis life-long-learning, the athlete is the key for the change

Austrian, Falko Krismayr, 40, is a former ski jumper and a coach, who's been working with well-being, trade and network-marketing during the past years. Ski jumping coach Krismayr has worked from Ski Club level to the National team levels. The latest position as a ski jumping coach was in the Austrian Nordic Combined Team during the years of 2009–2015. His team has achieved three Olympic and seven World Championships medals. 

At first, Krismayr did not have any plans to make a comeback to the coaching world but knowing the potential of the young Finnish team he changed his mind.

”I had time to build up my own lifecoach and network-marketing business since 2015, so I didn’t think to come back for coaching. After discussions with Petter and understanding the team's potential for success, I thought - Let’s just do it!”, says Krismayr, who discribes himself as a sportsman and a trainer with heart and soul. 

Coach Falko Krismayr believes in life-long learning and wants to develop himself as human. A person needs to be a better person himself to be able to draw on skills for others. 

”If you can change, the environment changes along. The change in the team needs time and a plan: during the spring we create a strategy towards the next season but of course we want to be on the podium already in Lahti Ski Games, it’s totally possible”, continues Krismayr. 

Falko Krismayr joins the team on the 6th of February in Lahti, where the team will start their next training camp. During the spring Krismayr will be on-site at Trondheim and Lahti World Cup events. 



Falko Krismayr, 40, Austria

Athlete career: 
Bronze Medal Individual and Bronze Medal Team, JWSC, Canada 1997

Coach work:
Co-trainer ski jumping B-squad ÖSV 2004-2006
Co-Trainer National Ski Jumping Team DSV 2006-2008
Head coach ski jumping C-squad DSV 2008-2009
Head coach ski jumping Nordic combined ÖSV 2009-2015

Other working experience:
Independent trade partner and lifecoach at EQology 2015-
CEO Mynoris OG (The world of Mynoris is the happiness of self-determination) 2017-