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12.8.2016← Takaisin

Hannu Manninen might be seen racing next season

Very experienced and succeeded Nordic Combined athlete Finnish Hannu Manninen, 38-years, could be seen on the competition arenas during the next season. Manninen has activated his FIS-code and shortened his qualifying period for three months.

After participating in Finnish National Championships in last spring Hannu Manninen had an idea, that he might be willing to compete more.

”All started in Taivalkoski. After the competition I thought that  I could compete more. And that’s were the idea came to my mind”, told Manninen.

During the summer Manninen has made competing possible by activating the FIS-code and applying the shortened qualifying period.  Anyhow the big decision of the comeback as an hundred percent ahtlete has not done yet.

”Now  I have activated my FIS-code and done all the official things to get back to next season”, added Manninen.

During his past career Manninen achieved 48 victories in FIS Nordic Combined World Cup. That is still the world record. This time, if everything goes smoothly and Manninen will be seen on the race arenas, life as an athlete will be different.

”It has been five years since I finished my last career. During these five years I have been at home, taking care of my family and started my profession as a pilot. I do not want to give those things. I will train and compete beside my family time and my profession as a pilot. That is the time I can use for training and competing. I just want to try,  what is the level I can achieve with this combination.”

Hannu Manninen has trained triathlon for three years and competed his first Ironman race this summer. Basic level in physics is excellent, next steps will be taking in specific qualities for Nordic Combined.

”More cross country training during the fall, speed and strength and of course climbing up to the ski jumping hill”, mentioned Manninen. 

When asked about the Lahti2017 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships and thoughts around that event, Manninen don’t want to set any big goals.

”I haven’t set any specific goals for the next winter. But of course, I have made some pictures in mind, that may be I could compete in Lahti in front of the home audience. Like I said I do not have any specific goal for the next season, I just need to train as good as  I can, then we will see what is the level”, ended Manninen.

The Head Coach of the Nordic Combined Team Finland Petter Kukkonen is pleased about Manninen’s thoughts and promises the full support of the national team, if Manninen will achieve the international level in training.

”We have built up our own training system and timeline with our young team. We will continue working with that. But of course Hannu is welcomed to the team and will get the full support from us. That kind an athlete will bring positive things to the team anyway”, commented Kukkonen.

Hannu Manninen's interview seen on the LUMISPORT TV -channel https://youtu.be/s4zWi_GWV2c

Photo: FSA / Jesse Väänänen